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Yellow Planet - The Keychain Bunny

$25.00 CAD

(11 by 8inches, cardstock) Galaxy was quiet for a while and then just very very loud. The transmissions they were beaming into my head were FLOODING my poor skull, very hard to sift through and make sense of (think radio static).

Bunny is definitely on the yellow planet but it's dark. The 8 ball he found before-- he's eating(?) It? Also i THINK he's found his keychain, but something about it seems, untrustworthy.

Image Description; the Keychain Bunny is choking on an 8-ball. He is lying on his back on the giant yellow smiley face keychain, which appears more sinister than usual with its mouth glued together in places, worms crawling out of it, and spirals within its eyes, maybe hypnotized. Bunny's ears flop over the keychain's eyes and his melty eyes are open in horror. They are the only things in the image that are white, everything else is done in shades of yellow on a black background.

  • Image of Yellow Planet - The Keychain Bunny
  • Image of Yellow Planet - The Keychain Bunny