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TRAINS: Kipling and Kennedy

$30.00 CAD

Polar Opposite Besties. Twins, tend to pass eachother every now and then.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Two green Toronto train cars, the older, boxier models facing the viewer making silly faces. Kipling, on the left, is wide-eyed, hopeful and sticking his tongue out through his teeth, which are lying on top of its face. Kennedy, on the right, attempts winking, his top and bottom jaw is completely separated in a smile, full with tiny little teeth. Some of them gold. The cars are crooked, chipped, with big moster eyes floating in the windows. Gold drips from their windows, swims in their pupils, and drips on their sides. Their names printed on top of their heads. Done in shades of dark green, accents of gold. 

  • Image of TRAINS: Kipling and Kennedy
  • Image of TRAINS: Kipling and Kennedy