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The Lock

$30.00 CAD

/Cardstock, 11x11 inches

Haunted houses are overrated. Haunted locks are hella cute. 

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A bright green lock with the green swirls of a ghostly dimension in the keyhole is being spit out by the disembodied mouth of a strained creature, who is tearing up in green. The lock is being held by a trio of indigo, ill and monstrous ghosts. One ghost seems exhausted; eyes stunned in hypnosis with swirls similar to the lock, and a tongue hanging out and drooling lime green. The second, from under the lock, is featureless minus two eyes, one of which is sliding out of the socket, blood is green. The third, the only one having fun, coming from the creature's mouth, empty eyes, mouth in a wide smile, and four jagged, knife-like teeth. Image complete in bright green, indigo, white, black, and yellow - outlined in Black. 

  • Image of The Lock
  • Image of The Lock