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Red Planet - The Keychain Bunny

$25.00 CAD

(11 by 8inches, cardstock) Keychain bunny got off that keychain, and has found himself on them monochromatic planets the galaxy has. Why this visual was beamed to me? No clue. Could be a distress signal. More on keychain bunny later.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Digital illustration done in shades of red and occasional hints of white. The Keychain Bunny, a cartoon rabbit with two long ears, two front teeth of varying size, and a look of shock and awe, staring at a white carrot angel who looks back with two heart eyes. Bunny's left eye (viewer perspective) is white and shining in awe. The right eye is a division sign. Both are shaped like they're runny.

  • Image of Red Planet - The Keychain Bunny
  • Image of Red Planet - The Keychain Bunny