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Orange Planet - The Keychain Bunny

$25.00 CAD

(11 by 8inches, cardstock) UPDATE ON THE KEYCHAIN BUNNY; I have received another transmission from bunny -- the galaxy sends them telepathically (hence why I draw them).

It seems Bunny's Carrot Angel has been... hello-- violently disemboweled?! There was an 8-ball inside of the angel and Bunny is kind of just.. in awe of it.

If i could explain the transmissions I would, but I'm only given the images... I'll find context later but if yall see something i don't lemme kno.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Digital Image done in shades of bright orange and outlined in black - The Keychain Bunny, so large he can't fit the screen beyond his two floppy ears and the dewey, veiny eye in his side profile, is staring seemingly in wonder at the Carrot Angel - the only white creature in the image. The angel is like any other carrot minus a mouth with tiny pointy teeth open in a cry, as it projectile spits out a black 8-ball covered in its orange spit.

  • Image of Orange Planet - The Keychain Bunny
  • Image of Orange Planet - The Keychain Bunny