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$30.00 CAD

//Carstock, 11x11 inches

I don't know what it is but it's a cutie, no I will not be hearing other opinions on the matter at this moment. 

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: The still living but possibly decapitated head of a Frankenstein-esque, stictched together, homemade creature. It is a king, the crown might be too heavy. Birds fly around its head in dizzyness. Oddball is made of bright green, dark green, and orange skin. Some of its pink brain peaking from under the  gold crown, with three green jewels on it. Two big, white eyes, fluid-like and slightly dripping. The left pupil catches the light to look like a "POWER ON" symbol. Both eyes have a firey iris, one much thicker than the other, Its huge, chipped, blocky white teeth nearly cover its large pink tongue. Green goo on the eyes, orange under its chin. Three blue birds fly in a circle above it.

  • Image of Oddball!
  • Image of Oddball!