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KAZPr and a Lollipop

$30.00 CAD

//Cardstock, 11x11 inches

Oh fxxk, I hate this channel. Turn it off, TURN IT OFF! 

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A white, older model of a television, hypnotized and gritting their teeth as their colourful surroundings digitally warp and melt around them. The TV has two rabbit ear antennas, bent out of shape, a dial and a few buttons. Their teeth big, human-like, one of them chipped from how tightly the jaw is closed. Outlined in black in an ink style. Background is different shades of blue and indigo with accents of yellow, green, and white.

  • Image of KAZPr and a Lollipop
  • Image of KAZPr and a Lollipop