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$120.00 CAD

(11 by 14inches, cardstock) LIMITED EDITION - NO RESTOCKS - Some cereal company has been using Gore as a sponsor without his permission - so I stole the box tops. One they're gone they're gone.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  An orange cereal box for something called Gore Grains, with the slogan "I don't want this!" The mascot, a blue, creepy rabbit with two small eyes and one very big hypnotic one. It wears a pink bow, and seems to have a spoon stuck in its throat. It's arm, wearing a white glove, punches through the wall to hold a terrfied pink spoon to eat equally terrfied cereal and milk. "STICKERS INSIDE" says the orange bunny icon in the corner.

  • Image of Gore Grains (LIMITED PRINT)
  • Image of Gore Grains (LIMITED PRINT)