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ASTRO - Gore's Portrait

$30.00 CAD

(11 by 14inches, cardstock) BREAKING: In the middle of the anarchist galaxy where the anarchist candy shop is located (can shops be anarchist on Earth-- nvm) Astronaut Gore (official name unknown) has been "aggressively vibing." Gore currently sets the record for most human features.

UPDATE: Anarchist candy shop gets its first 5 star rating. Hell yeah, respect the hustle.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: An astronaut in a sky blue suit, and a mouth full of white human teeth in place of a face, letting its pink tongue hang out. Yellow drool sticks to the roof of its mouth, two blue round lollipops sit upright in the back of its throat. The suit has an eyeball at its center, both sleeves are damaged, one arm revealing a skeletal arm, and the other with the orange zipper on it barely concealing worms. A polaroid picture is stuck it for some reason. Orange background.

  • Image of ASTRO - Gore's Portrait
  • Image of ASTRO - Gore's Portrait