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ASTRO - Fish's Portrait

$30.00 CAD

(11 by 14inches, cardstock) BREAKING: The astronaut the media has coined as "Fish" has been found in one of the many oceans of the galaxy (I didn't know we had oceans in that part of space, fxckin weird.) Fish is the first ASTROnaut to be found post-mutation to bring an onboarding Octopus as a pet.

UPDATE: The octopus was not a pet, we are under attack, if you're readibfwldhskxj dhdidjw0qoeujs--

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Red backgroud. An astronaut in a green suit, with a large, cracked fishbowl as a helmet. Inside is a yellow liquid with a green bendy straw stuck in it. Some of the liquid is dripping out of it. The helmet, semi-transparent, has a light green film on it and is leaking. The astronaut has small, bulging red eyes leaking yellow and a frown in concern and confusion, one pointy tooth. There seems to be a large green squid creature on the astronaut's back, its tentacles drapped over the helmet and other reaching out randomly, two of them are coming out of the red console tucked under the astronaut's arm. A leaking vent is attatched to the suit, and a fishing pole is tied around the other arm. 

  • Image of ASTRO - Fish's Portrait
  • Image of ASTRO - Fish's Portrait