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ASTRO - Daisy's Portrait

$30.00 CAD

(11 by 14inches, cardstock) BREAKING: Just in time for Saint Valentine's Day, the astronaut known primarily to the public as DAISY, has touched down on Earth. When asked where they went, the flowers responded on their behalf. Quote: "🌻🌻🌻."

UPDATE: The crew has been given daisies and are really happy right now.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: An astronaut in a purple suit, with three large, monstrous and emotional daisies breaking through its solid black helmet. One daisy is smiling maniacly, harlequinn eyes, and a toothy smile, one gold tooth. Purple goop dripping from it a little, Another daisy is sighing, eyes closed, a cobweb stuck to two of its petals. The third is deepy afraid, mouth open in a scream, purple goop sticking to its mouth. Eyes empty. Unlike the previous two, their petals look more like leaves. The astronaut is holding a yellow watering can with orange water in it under its arm. It holds a bouquet of daisies in its not-hands. Daisies are also growing from out of a rip in the suit, complete with an orange patch sewn in its arm, Orange background.

  • Image of ASTRO - Daisy's Portrait
  • Image of ASTRO - Daisy's Portrait