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ASTRO - Chewy's Portrait

$30.00 CAD

(11 by 14inches, cardstock) On this morning the Astronaut Chewy was found under a pile of Tech-Earth junk. Where is Chewy's face? We do not know. It is just teeth. Chewy has swallowed some batteries.

Update: Chewy has refused to give up the batteries.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: An astronaut in a purple suit, an open mouth for a face full of pointy, slightly chipped yellow teeth. Its eaten two pink patteris and a television set reading "NO SIGNAL." Blue drool drips on everything in there. The astronaut has an antenna, crooked, with a ring around on the viewer's left. The suit is equipped with a blue handheld console reading "CHOMP" on the black screen, secured by a yellow string worn like a necklace. The right sleeve is bandaged up, the left shoulder has a blue patch sewn in. There is a gaping rectangular hole where the console should be. Blue background. Pink accents. 

  • Image of ASTRO - Chewy's Portrait
  • Image of ASTRO - Chewy's Portrait