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ASTRO - AG's Portrait

$30.00 CAD

(11 by 14inches, cardstock) The galaxy is very vast, but has one centralized satellite--- ah ah man, it became sentient and became its own person. It's being very bossy! Granted it can see and hear everything but STILL.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Olive Green background. An astronaut that is completely black and white. The helmet contains an eyeball of sorts; pupil and iris starting to split in two places, surrounded by small squared-off teeth. The larger left containg a 'POWER ON" symbol in the pupil, and the smaller right containing an "X." The suit is screaming from a mouth shaped hole in the chest, with small teeth in it. A radio sits above it. A round shiny monitor reading "TALK TO ME" repeatedly snakes out if it by a cord. A monitor is tied to its right arm, a dial on its left. A satellite is where its antenna should be. The astronaut wears the "ear" parts of headphones, with an aux cord dancing from it. 

  • Image of ASTRO - AG's Portrait
  • Image of ASTRO - AG's Portrait